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About Turf Attack Indoor Nerf Battlefield

Our arena is family friendly and is open to everyone ages 4 and up. Children 2-4 years old may enter the battlefield accompanied by an adult. Nerf battles are a fun, safe activity for any age. We provide everything necessary to play, no outside equipment is needed. All of our equipment is sanitized before and after use. You may bring your own blasters that use standard Nerf darts or Rival balls.

Open Play: We offer certain days and times to come and play with other guests at the arena with no appointment. Open Play hours are dependent upon the private event schedule. These hours are updated weekly and are available on the homepage of our website. Note: Our schedules are strict, public play will end exactly at the time listed if we have a private event following.

Open Play Pricing:

All prices include a blaster, darts/balls and safety mask or glasses. Per player:

Half Hour - $10

One Hour - $15

Two Hours - $25 


General Information:

1. You can bring your own blaster as long as it meets our requirements. (see rules below)

2. Eye protection must be worn at all times on the battlefield, we recommend full face masks for better protection.

3. Children 8 and under must have an adult present at Turf Attack at all times.

4. Participants must have appropriate footwear for battle. No open shoes, sandals, slides, or bare feet.

5. Every participant must sign a waiver to enter the battlefield.

6. We do not permit outside ammunition. We will provide Nerf darts and Rival balls for play. We do not have MEGA ammunition.

Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel up to 5 full days prior to your event and receive a refund of your deposit, or carry that deposit to reschedule for future date. To reschedule another the date, we request the remainder of the party balance be paid in full. 

Battlefield Rules:

  1. No cursing/swearing.

  2. No physical contact or fighting with other participants.

  3. No taunting, bullying, or insulting other participants.

  4. No food, drink, or tobacco products are allowed in the Turf Attack battlefield.

  5. Athletic footwear is required of all participants. All footwear must be close-toed; playing with sandals or going barefoot is not allowed at the Turf Attack.

  6. No fully automatic Rival weapons capable of firing more than 100 ft/sec. are allowed on the Turf Attack battlefield unless for specified private or group events.

  7. Modified Nerf guns are not allowed in the Turf Attack battlefield. The Turf Attack staff will inspect all nerf guns before they are allowed to be used.

  8. Participants must follow the instructions of the Turf Attack staff at all times. Failure to follow a Turf Attack staff’s instruction or arguing with the Turf Attack staff will result in play stopping and the participant being asked to leave.

  9. Participants may not intentionally shoot any dart at someone’s face or head.

  10. Masks or safety glasses are required for battle. Participants may use their own mask as long as it meets Turf Attack’s safety standards.

  11. Firing guns in or into non-playing areas for any reason is strictly prohibited and may result in ejection.

  12. Participants may not move Turf Attack battlefield equipment, such as blinds or props, during game play.

  13. Participants must be at least 4 years old to enter the Turf Attack battlefield without an adult.

  14. Participants must present a signed Liability Waiver before being allowed to play in the Turf Attack battlefield. Participants under the age of 18 must have a Liability Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before being allowed to play in the Turf Attack battlefield.

  15. No firearms, knives, or other weapons are allowed at Turf Attack.

  16. Participants may not enter the Turf Attack battlefield if they are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

  17. Participants may be removed from the battlefield for any reason by Turf Attack staff.

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